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Between January 7th and March 5th, 2016, the art collective Total Effekt will work on Living Magazine as part of Recess's signature program, Session.

Throughout their Session, Total Effekt will research and develop a new publication, titled Living Magazine. To create this journal, the artists will conduct a speculative archaeological study of "the Home," examining the practical and symbolic value of the dwelling and its constituent parts. Living Magazine's contents will envision furniture for rooms that do not yet exist, propose updated standards for inhabiting a room, and outline novel methods for reprogramming perceptions of our surroundings.

As a part of the investigation, Total Effekt would like to ask you to share a spatial memory — a memory of a room / space / situation / place, that somehow has stuck with you. Please share details about materials, light, and other spatial elements.

Your memories will serve as the raw material for our further process with the exhibition and magazine. All submissions that appear in the final magazine and exhibition will be anonymous, but your name will be included in the credits if you wish.

Thank you for your contribution!

/ Total Effekt